So many downloads


Wow. So gamejolt featured Spectrum Break's prototype and it got 1600 downloads in under a week! Thank you everyone for your love. I'm curious if anyone found the secret block.

The gaming booth at the Montreal Indie Games Festival went well. I had a lineup of people playing the game which was awesome. It was quite a challenge for most of them, but they all had positive feedback.

This week I'm addressing the big question everyone had about the prototype. How do I get to level 2? I've added a level one tutorial and credits. The level select screen will no longer show levels past what is available in the prototype. All of those levels and more will be available with the steam release sometime next year (I really need a steam page).



Added tutorial and credit levels to the prototype.

The level select menu no longer shows levels that are not in the version being played.

You can now hold tab (or Y on controller) to zoom out.

When you light up a block the camera will check if there are any remaining blocks on screen. If there are none. The camera will adjust itself to imply direction (this was already the case with the final block in any level).

Block activating sounds now change in pitch when hit in quick succession. This is followed by a different sound that plays on the 12th block hit in a row.

The D-Pad and right thumbstick now count as input on joysticks. When manual rotation is not enabled the trigger button on a joystick now count as jump input. This effectively means that you can play the game one handed even with a joystick.

Improved the lit ups secret block look.

Simplified and improved camera shake (again).

Blocks off screen can no longer shake the camera.

Moved HUD timers to the right a little.

Optimized static objects.

Started working on the 3rd major block type behavior for levels 36+.