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Developer: Jason Hein

Based in Ottawa, Canada


Singleplayer physics platformer

Built in Unity

Steam (PC/Mac), Android

Released on Steam March 29th, 2018

Released on Google Play November 23rd, 2018

Coming to Xbox One!


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Jason Hein is a sole proprietor in Ottawa Canada.

His first solo project was Game Eye 2D, a component based orthographic camera extension for unity. After it released on github, he went back to working on a game he has been experimenting with. Jason's first released game is Spectrum Break for Steam and Android.


Christopher is a music producer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chris composes music for his soundcloud, and produced sound for a youtube series called Eviscerated. Chris was introduced to Jason through personal contacts and joined the team as a contractor mid June.


Spectrum Break’s Development

When development on Spectrum Break began, Jason was working on a platformer with mostly static levels, and a few zero gravity physics blocks. He got bored and applied physics scripts to everything, then laughed because destroying the level was a lot more fun than what he was making. So that became the game.

Without many resources, the game’s development still made steady progress. He reached out to the Ottawa game developer community for advice, and they went far and beyond what was necessary to help. On March 29th, Spectrum Break released on Steam. However on that day, Jason also created an IMGR post about the game’s release, and a large number of fans request a mobile release. So an android port was developed and released on Google Play on November 23rd, 2018.


Spectrum Break Description

Spectrum Break is a synth-infused physics platformer, where you reshape levels with neon light.

Blocks in each level float in zero gravity and can be pushed around by the player, causing them to light up in a burst of vibrant color and sound. Light up all blocks to win.

New block types are introduced throughout the game to keep the gameplay fresh and challenging.


  • Singleplayer physics platformer

  • Built in Unity

  • Released on Steam (PC/Mac)

  • Coming to Google Play on Android November 23rd,






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