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Spectrum Break


Available on

Steam and Google Play

Coming to XBox One


It's time to chill


Spectrum Break is a synth-infused physics platformer, where you reshape levels with neon light.

Blocks in each level float in zero gravity and can be pushed around by the player, causing them to light up in a burst of vibrant color and sound. Light up all blocks to win.


  • Completely reshape a level as you play through it. Dynamic levels react to your movements, every playthrough will be unique.

  • Smooth gameplay, vibrant colors and synth music are hypnotic, upbeat, and calming.

  • 55 levels that grow in size in complexity as new blocks types are introduced throughout the game.

  • Some players rely on quick platforming skills, others on thoughtful puzzle solving. There is no single way to play.

  • A secret block in every level.

  • Simple controls, just move and jump, but the gameplay is deep and challenging.

Everything can be pushed




Varied ways to win



Hidden challenges