Happy Holidays

Hey, It's been 3 weeks and I have not been idle. With the first 35 levels done I have switched to making levels for another block type and adding polish features. It feels pretty good to have most of the game release ready.

With this update my to-do list has started to shorten, and a lot of the polishing is done. The main menu looks awesome. It's just about levels, APIs, testing, and releasing now, with the exception of the odd new feature I come up with. I have a few I may add.

The steam page is in progress. Now that the visuals have gotten a final tune up I can finally make the final screenshots and videos for the store pages. A lot of people have been asking about the release date. I do not have one yet, but I believe 4-5 months is a good bet. I want to be patient and release a complete game.



43 levels playable so far (8 of which need more testing). 35 are 100% done.

Increased the default amount of falling stars for PC.

The print screen key now saves a screenshot to your desktop.

The main menu and credit backgrounds now change like a rave party. This game is a rave party after all.

The main menu now utilizes all types of background particles.

Replaced the block count with a glowing pie chart.

Added main menu music and new launcher sounds.

Fixed the main menu reducing the volume more than normal when changed through the settings menu.

Improved the player body slightly and added a red glow.

Replaced the old player surf board and improved the jet particles.

Added glow to the menu and the level complete texts.

Added secrets counter to the credits.

Added the zoom key images to the pause menu.