Montreal Indie Games Festival


It's getting pretty crazy on my end. I've been developing while working out the logistics of what my next step is. I would really like to be able to develop full time. I might try raising the funds to do that.

I've applied for a government grant and I think the presentation went well. Wish me luck because if we get selected we'll be getting another developer. Which means more content.

I have a gaming booth at the Montreal Indie Games Festival next week. There will be all 40 levels there if you want to try it and meet me in person.



Merged the better parts of 2 old levels into one level.

Removed an old level that didn't have enough purpose.

Added 2 more levels to replace the 2 above.

Added level complete text.

Added reset button image to the menu.

Added teleport to the credits.

New Icon.

The music now fades when it changes.

Blocks no longer play particles again on win, if the block already has particles.

Added screen shot key 'P'.

Fixed the wall jump tutorial instantly fading away.

You can now skip the initial camera look with any input.

Temporarily removed the already activated block collide sound.