Organized Testing and Refinement

This week I've been organizing friends to playtest the first 32 levels of the game.  It's about an hour of gameplay so far. To smooth out the learning curve I've ended up adding a lot more levels before the arrow platform is introduced than I expected. So it looks like each new platform type will be used for 20 levels. Either way, the results have been good. :)

The first video above shows level 39 and all it's glory. There is a lot you can do with some simple force physics, and it's an interesting twist to what people expect of moving platforms.

The second video reveals where the secret platform is in level 2. Each level has an invisible red box that is revealed when something comes close. When you activate a secret box and finish the levels, that level shows up as red in the level select menu.



Added 7 levels and edited several levels.

Changed the order of levels 1-20.

Added a few level to the demo, and removed a few (due to the ordering of the levels). These are the first 10 levels of the game.

Fixed keyboard wall jump button position in level 1.

Darkened some of the brighter colors.

Wall jumps are now angled further from the wall.

Improved player rotation caused by wall jumping.

Improved jump recognition.