Test everything

It's been an extremely productive week. I've been testing the game a lot and taking notes. One thing I took note of was that I should smooth out the learning curve more. So a few more early levels have been added for the purpose of teaching the player. The other levels are for teaching mechanics that are important to the old level 11-20. So far 25 levels are done.



Added 5 levels.

Slight edits to most levels.

Changed the ordering of certain levels (due to the demo including the first 9 levels of the game, you may notice that a few of the first 9 levels are different).

Added wall jump to the shown level one buttons.

Increased initial level pause time.

Player respawn is now instant, ignoring the initial level pause time.

Slightly altered the initial camera zoom in speed.

Fixed menu camera zoom out when there is only one platform left.

Darkened the blue background.

Increased how long particles are visisble before fading out.

Reduced number of particles slightly.

Optimized shaders.

The player can no longer wall run directly up more than gravity would bring the player down.

Jumping while standing is now angled upwards more.

Increased ground rotate speed slightly.

Increased the reveal area of secrets.

Added a glow to secrets.

Added more error checking for saving/loading. If you experience problems saving/loading check to make sure that your virus scan has not stopped the game from creating a save file.