Feel the beat


Big changes this week. Music, background effects, and particle trails.

If you have played the demo before your current music settings will still be at what you had set it to before (default used to be 100%) so you may have to reduce the music volume.



Added music
Added background falling stars.

Added auto skip option in settings.

Added trails to particle effects and increased the lifetime/emission of particles.

Added rotation trails.

Added alternate rotation and reset to level one button images.

Increased the size of the xbox controller buttons.

Fixed a bug where keyboard and xbox buttons would both show in level one.

Added a readme.

Saving and loading gamedata is now much better at handling errors.

Controllers other than controller 1 can now press buttons to control the player.

The level timer at the top right now shows decimals when the current level time is less than 1 minute long.

Darkened brighter colors.