3 levels added to the demo


Big changes this week, the biggest of which is that the demo is now 9 levels long. A number of small changes were added to level 1 and your controls to improve the experience for newer players. 

Starting next week the unity splash screen will be removed. I've just created a new type of platform and I'm working on the rest of the game.  Stay tuned!



Added levels 7-9 to the demo.

Edited levels 1-3 to smooth out the initial learning curve.

Softened player landing.

Increased player rotation rate while on a surface.

The default rotation rate is now less sensitive.

Added rotation sensitivity to the settings menu.

Optimized shaders and menu system.

Added social links to the main menu.

Removed the alternate rotation controls by holding the B/SHIFT button.

Added alternate rotation controls to the controller. X/B now act as an axis, similar to the triggers.

Increased camera limits.