Playtest Build 6

I have completely redesigned levels 2-4. From now on levels beyond level 3 will be hidden from the public playtest builds. However I plan to test new mechanics in the future, and those will be added in the future as temporary playtest levels.

This week includes a lot of back end changes related to upcoming features and saving settings. As a result for this week you cannot change the key bindings/joy stick buttons, because I'm still working on the menu to interact with the saved settings system.

Additionally the game should now work for Mac and Linux, however I own neither OS's so I'll be looking to test these builds this week through connections. If you play the game on Mac or Linux please let me know if it worked for you, and if you were using a keyboard or an xbox controller.



Player drag and player acceleration increased.

Wall jumping is now much more consistent, however is less effective for climbing up surfaces.

Changed controller alternate rotation controls to be the same as the keyboard.

Added a saved settings system (menus to interact with it are still in progress).

Game should now build for Mac and Linux.

Changed level 1 slightly, and redesigned levels 2-4.

Added UI that tells you the name of the level and then fades.

Added UI that tells you how many blocks are left.

Fixed camera shaking during pauses.