Playtest Build 5

This week if you are using xbox controls have the controller plugged in before running the game, and do the reverse if you want to use keyboard controls. I have not yet implemented proper multi-controller detection.



Rotation controls changed again. Each type of controls has 2 options. Please let me know which type you use and how they feel.

You now have control or your character while airborne (including fast falling).

Your jump direction is based on where your player is facing.

If you are parallel to a wall, your wall jump now angles you off of the wall slightly.

Your run speed is now based on your slope (like in earlier versions).

Jumping while fallen over on the ground now preforms a tiny jump that uprights you.

You now only automatically stand up if you are not manually rotating.

Automatically rotating now pushes down on the surface you are on.

Player mass increased, friction reduced.

Fixed double jumping by hitting two jump keys at the same time.

Touched up levels 1, 2, and 5.