Playtest 2


I'm looking for more feedback on the game. Feel free to play it and tell me what you think.


Keyboard Controls

WASD to move.

W or SPACE to jump.

QE to rotate.

SHIFT to flip.

G to reset the level.

P to pause.

ESC to exit.


XBox Controller Controlls

Left Thumbstick to move

A to jump

Left and Right triggers to rotate.

Press Left Thumbstick to Flip

Start to pause.

G to reset the level (keyboard)

ESC to exit (keyboard)



Added level 1 (tutorial).

You now rotate slightly when you jump. The old rotation input technically works in this build but is intended to be replaced by this new rotation system.

If you fall over you automatically get up.

Adding the ability to flip your character upside down.

Wall jumping is now much easier.

You can now jump while on your side.

Running now has more control.

You now accelerate less when running up walls (varies on how steep the wall is).

Added camera shake when large collisions occur.

Fixed camera zoom bug on slow machines.