We want your cool steam achievement ideas

This week we've been working on stuff for the steam page and polishing the game.

After going through a few more playtesters the 50 levels we have now are well playtested. I've started working with the steam api so if you have ideas for cool achievements, now is the time to share.



Edited levels (50 are now well playtested).

Fixed not being able to select the rotation sensitivity slider in scenes other than the one you changed the manual rotation toggle in.

Updated some of the smaller letters.

Reduced launcher volume.

Increased minimum zoom. Reduced zooming out.

Reduced final block influence on the camera.

Added attached jump particles.

Added a select sound for joysticks and keyboard input.

You can now go slightly off screen without resetting the level.

Changed arrow look and shade.

Increased block collision particles.

Blocks that are far off screen now play a particle effect on the edge of the screen.

Started working with the steam api.