I'm now working on Spectrum Break Full Time!

Great news! I now work on Spectrum Break full time. There are no distractions now.

For the past 3 weeks I have been testing and making levels. Level 36+ are massive compared to some of the earlier ones (including the prototype levels) so they take quite some time to make. You can see some of them above as I needed screenshots for the store page when it is ready. We've begun working on the trailer now. When that's done we'll be ready to announce release dates.

A few days ago I had a friend playtest the game while I watched and it took him over 2 and a half hours to beat the game. Considering he's played the game before things are looking good in terms of content.

My winter break was relaxing. I spent some time with family and friends, played the games I didn't have time for this year, and finally have enough saved up to work on the game full time. As stressful as things can be trying to get everything ready, I can't ignore how well everything seems to be going. It's awesome.



7 levels added. Level count is now 50 (45 are well playtested).

Added slants to shaped blocks.

Added new arrow block sounds.

Removed the static from the credits music.

Increased menu font size.

Removed odd lines that were visible on the A and R blocks.

Slightly reduced the respawn time and initial look time.

You can now jump on the attachment lines of attached blocks.

The camera now checks if any blocks are on screen once every 2s, and attempts to change the view to keep at least one unlit block on screen.

Removed right thumbstick and D-pad input due to windows 7 input bug (unity bug).

Secrets are now always revealed. They are still a challenge to collect.

If speedrun mode is enabled the credits will show session time, and the number of secrets collected this session. These counts are reset when you enter the main menu, and become active when you enter any level from the main menu.

Reduced the player move sound.

When a secret is hit, the pie chart at the top right gains a red tint.

Increased the stand up rate of the player.