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Developer: Jason Hein

Based in Ottawa, Canada


Singleplayer physics platformer

Built in Unity

Steam (PC/Mac)

Coming 2018


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Jason Hein is a sole proprietor in Ottawa Canada.

Jason began developing on his own in 2015 following his graduation from game development college. His first project was Game Eye 2D, a component based orthographic camera extension that tracks 2D environments. Game Eye 2D was well received, and later was used to create Spectrum Break.


Christopher is a music producer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chris composes music for his soundcloud, and produced sound for a youtube series called Eviscerated. Chris was introduced to Jason through personal contacts and joined the team as a contractor mid June.


History of Spectrum Break

The development of Spectrum Break began when Jason jokingly applied a physics scripts to everything in a platformer and watched it fall apart.

This became the defining design moment of the game. Soon after a brainstorming session the game switched from being linear to having to hit the whole level to progress, and an animation test lead to the player rotation platforming that is the essence of the game today.

With no resources the game has been making steady progress and is scheduled for release in 2018. An official release date in not yet available.


Spectrum Break Description

Spectrum Break is a synaesthetic physics platformer. Hitting blocks or knocking them into one another causes them to light up in a burst of vibrant color and sound. Light up all blocks to win.

The blocks float in zero gravity and can all be pushed around, opening up platforming and puzzle approaches to each level. New block types are introduced throughout the game to keep the gameplay fresh and challenging.

Be at peace while you play. The atmosphere is hypnotic and calming, to match the smooth and satisfying gameplay.


  • Singleplayer physics platformer

  • Built in Unity

  • Target Platform Steam (PC/Mac)

  • Includes controller support

  • Includes speedrun mode

  • Coming 2018


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