Spectrum Break is coming to steam on March 29th!


Thank you all for pushing me to release a full game. I've been working on Spectrum Break for a year and a half now and you have no idea how much releasing this game means to me. :)

You can add Spectrum Break to your steam wishlist now at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/765490/Spectrum_Break/

The full game is releasing worldwide on Steam for $8.99 USD for Windows on Mac.

Please message me! I want to hear from you. https://twitter.com/JasonDavidHein


We're so close now

With the art for the steam page done we're now almost ready to reveal the release date. Neither of us had made a trailer before so it's taken some time.

The finishing touches have been added, with steam cloud sync and achievements.

We're so close now. Get hyped.



Finished steam box art.

Added steam api, achievements, and cloud sync.

Added the api of a console we were accepted to.

Added a new type of block.

Added a texture to static blocks (the platform you start on).

Added a setting to disable the background falling stars (for lower end machines).

Increased tutorial image size.

Optimized credits.

Increased physics accuracy.